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40th Birthday Scavenger Hunt!!

This year on March 2nd was my big 4-0 birthday!! My Friend Jennifer was coming in from CT at the end of March so we decided to combine our parties and have an 80's themed Scavenger Hunt!! It was so much fun and everyone dressed up in their 80's gear to run around town lol!! Here is how the night went down!

Everyone arrived at 2:00 ready to hunt!

Some of the hunters!

We had 2 teams, this time hopefully next time alot more people will be able to come early enough for this part of the fun! And yes, I said next time!! :)
Since we were driving and gas costs a kidney and a liver, I gave them 15 minutes to plan their routes. Each team was given 1 1/2 hours to complete as many of the tasks as they could.
The Planning begins!

Team Poison

Team Dirty Dishwater

My good pal Allison does a scavenger hunt in Canada with her friends, so she was kind enough to send me her score sheets and clues, so some clues I made up and some I took from hers. Thanks Pers!! :) I did not list the Clues that neither team did in this post.

While planning was in the works Team Dirty Dishwater decided for this clue, they would do a sneak attack on the other team then run out the door so the other team couldn't get their shot- Genius!

Clue: Photo of your entire team kung fu fighting another entire team, all members visible

After leaving Team Poison Stunned and in the dust, everyone set out on their adventures!

Clue: Photo of a team member walking the biggest dog you can find— extra points for team with biggest dog
Only Team Dirty Dishwater completed this task, and poor Robin the dog laid down right as she took the leash to walk the dog lol

Clue: Photo with as many 5s in it as possible. You may not create any of the 5s yourself—extra points for team with most 5s
Both teams took pictures with 5's but Team Poison takes the cake with the picture of the aisles at Target

Clue: Photo of at least 2 team members on a bridge, taken from beneath the bridge
I totally expected both teams to hit the PO bridge for this, but they out smarted me and found other bridges!

Clue: A photo of human twins
I realized doing this hunt that next time I need to be a bit more specific in some of these clues lol
Only Team Poison had a picture for this one. They received half points for the effort, but since they were not real twins live in person, the judges decided they did not get full points.

Clue: A picture of one team member feeding another team member a shot of hot sauce from the hot sauce bar at this famous mexican eatery
While both teams got this one Only Team Poison was awarded points. the clue read, "one team member feeding another team member the shot" Team Dirty Dishwater only took a picture of a team member taking the shot of hot sauce.

Clue: Photo of at least 1 team member at a house with garden statues—extra points if there’s a gnome
Both team got this picture, and on Team Dirty Dishwater, I was going to edit it and zoom in, but I wanted to hear Elph complain that Steve "never zooms in!!" LOL

Clue: Photo of at least 2 team members playing leapfrog with at least 3 strangers
Both teams got this, although there was talk of Dragon scaring some children LOL

Clue: Photo of at least one team member on a bench with The Green Market advertisement on it
The Green Market for those that do not know, is a new organic farmers market I am selling my salsa at!
Only Team Poison found a bench and took the picture, although Cari will kill me for this pic, her face is priceless. And doesn't this look like it could of been taken in the 80's? They are just waiting for the bus! lol

Clue: Team photo posing suggestively with fruit or veggies
This one was awesome, both teams scared employees of local stores, but got great pictures. I think Team Dirty Dishwater got a little too into it though LOL and what exactly IS Ross doing with that cucumber?!

Clue: Team photo in a McDonald’s Playplace
Only Team Dirty Dishwater got this clue, poor children in that place... lol

Clue: photo of 2 team members acting like monkeys on monkey bars
Both teams got this one, but Team Dirty Dishwasher's pic takes the cake! WOW!! We were all laughing so hard we couldnt continue with the slideshow lol

Clue: A Picture of your entire team in front of the school where Maria graduated
Both teams got this one, and some even made out like they were back in HS :P haha!

Clue: Picture of at least one team member putting a cart where it belongs at Maria’s Favorite store
I figured while we were out doing the hunt, why not do some good for the community while were at it? Both teams did this task

Clue: Team picture in Maria’s self proclaimed “Office” at Maria’s favorite table.
Teams had to figure out that this was the Panera in PO. Apparently teams were asking around "do you know Maria? is this her favorite table??" lol

Clue: Take a picture of a Relay for Life poster hanging in a business window
Only one team got this, and somehow.. it seemed oddly suspicious.

Clue: Photo of strangers kissing--extra points if a team member kisses a stranger
Both teams not only got this, but felt compelled to kiss a stranger!!

Clue: Picture of a Team member picking up litter
Another one for the community :) Both teams got this one

Clue: Picture of a Team Member asking a stranger for at least a $1 donation for Relay For Life (Bring donation back for Maria’s Team) - Team Poison cheated a bit and gave a dollar to someone to give back to them for the donation, so they only received half points.

Clue: Picture of at least 2 team members in a boat
Both teams got this, although Team Dirty Dishwater actually knocked on someones door that had a boat in their driveway and posed in their boat lol, This same guy they repaid with a kiss from Robin (Shown earlier in the post) for the "Kiss a stranger" Clue

There were other clues that were questions they had to answer about Jennifer or I, and also other clues that neither team completed.
This was such a blast I just cant wait to do it again!! Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and enjoyed the post with the pictures!!
The Random pictures of the after party will be posted on Facebook! Stay tuned!! :)

Friends Only I say!

Back away!
This Journal is Friends ONLY
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(Some entires are public most are friends only)

When we left last our dashing couple Maria and Greg they were in Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA!  This week we will join them as they venture to Paul Deen's Famous eatery, The Lady and Sons! 
BEST DISHES!!! Collapse )

The Streets of Savannah - Forsyth Park

(ok ok I know, and I am sorry!!!! I took too long!!! Hope your getting better fast Grammy!)

After touring the Cathedrial we headed further into Savannah to Forsyth park, This is a huge park in the center of the town, with fields for playing ball, a beautiful fountain, pathways, picnic areas etc.

ONWARD!!!!! Collapse )

I know this is a long awaited post, SORRY!! hehe

After the cemetary we walked down through the streets and headed to St. John The Baptist Cathedrial. This place was massive!! We had to wait a few minutes because they were having a mass but then they opened for tours.
Well thats it for this section, Next we walk the streets some more (I'm cold and tired!!) And head to Forsythe Park - I promise not to take so long this time!! 

Come inside! Collapse )


So after venturing through the candy store etc, we decided to make our way to forsythe park.
The streets of savannah are amazing, beautiful historic buildings and homes, and it seems at every block there is a square and/or park of some sort, every city should thrive to be this beautiful!
Walk with me Collapse )
From the cemetary we continued on the streets to the St. John The Baptist Cathedrial.. Stay Tuned! 

Riverstreet with Paula & Huey?!

So we arrived in Savannah late and took a Taxi ride to our Hotel room, although this taxi wasnt quite as bad he did take us through some questionable parts of town lol..

We arrived at the hotel and checked in, went straight up to our room and bascilly crashed, we were tired!

More Adventures under here!! Collapse )

After strolling we decided to make our way to Forsythe park, the Cemetary and the Catherdrial.. Stay Tuned! 

On the midnight train to Georgia

So, I am going to try and post "phases" of Greg and I's trip to Savannah wish me luck lol.. Also, I will be leaving these posts temporarily public so that friends from facebook that do not have a livejournal can come by and check it out :)

Greg and I planned a trip to Savannah, I have wanted to go to Savannah since I can remember, and finally my dream is going to come true!!
Monday April 6th Greg and I were set to ride the train to Savannah, GA. We would be leaving from Deland at 2:56pm with stops in Palatka, Jacksonville, Jessup GA, and arriving in Savanna around 8:00pm
We were going all alone with no kids! YAY!! My mom and the kids took us to the station to see us off!

CLICK ME!!! :) Collapse )

To be continued......

So you think you can dance!!

Man Im sorry to see this show go! Tonight we find out who America's favorite dancer is, Im so siked! I had a really hard time picking my Favs this year.. there were SO many I loved!! Some actually went early in the voting which was sad because they were SO Talented! And while I love Courtney shes the only one I don't think should be in the top 4 that is, I think its AWESOME there are 2 Hip hoppers in the top 4 Kudos to them!
In any case, I cant wait for tonights, show,.. and if you too love so you think you can dance, check this Top 15 greatest routines out! With Video and all!! w00t!

My Tops from this 15?
While I LOVE them all.. gotta pic the Favs!

  • Page 4 - Lacy was always one of my Favs anyway, it helped her that her brother Benji won the season before and he was also one of my Favs :) Love Lacey!
  • Page 7 - I love me some Bollywood! The music alone makes ME want to dance I also love me some Joshua and Katie! Awesome routine!
  • Page 8 - Man Hok was one of my Favs I was so upset when he didnt make it the year prior due to Visa issues! This routine was amazing!
  • Page 11 - This routine Ivan really came out of his shell he was awesome, and Allison has always been and with forever more be one of my top Favs. Did I mention I want her hair? lol
  • Page 14 - Travis is another that will always be one of my Favs man I love that guy!! This routine actually won one of my Fav Choreographers an Emmy as well :) Amazing. AND how can you not love it when they use props :)
  • Page 15 - Katie and Joshua again and again 2 of my Favs from this season (and in the top 4 yay!) The end when she steals the jacket from him just freakin rocks. nuff said.
  • And one of my ALL Time Favs of this season, this list, or this show.. Page 9 Marc and Chelsea amazing.. just the Passion in her face alone makes this routine, unforgettable. Watch for yourself!

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